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Space Rabbits!: A Cosmic Adventure! Derek V. Everard

Space Rabbits!: A Cosmic Adventure!

Derek V. Everard

Published August 8th 2014
ISBN : 9781490743059
338 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The Hill-Clan Rabbit Tribe becomes entangled in a series of intriguing space adventures with the flying-rats from Rat-Star. Among the wooded hills and creeks they discover a wilding Zack a lone stripling ill prepared for survival. In desperation he d fled the Humans and that which was known as home and launched his life into a river of no return . Zack joins the Rabbit Clan and the Star-Rats.As a result of a Space-Time experiment certain aspiring space-rabbits are drawn into the probing curiosity of the Black-Rabbits from planet Ektar. The Clan is stunned by the unexpected arrival of an Ektar space-craft, and become part of a Star-Alliance that allows them access to galactic exploration.Zack, Rudy-Rat and seven rabbits are invited on a special cosmic mission to the planet Ektar where they encounter dangerous alien life-forms. Zack the wilding wonders how a kid coming on fifteen has become part of an inter-planetary war. Eventually, as a cosmic Being, he joins up with his remaining Earth family.