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Manehattan Madness Ardashir

Manehattan Madness


Published July 15th 2014
293 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Manehattans Spring Fashion Show, second only to Fashion Week in the fall. And this spring, Carousel Boutique of Ponyville will be there for the first time, with three in-house models on the runway: A pegasus supermodel who disappeared two years ago, a farmpony who can fake being a Manehattanite -- and a Changeling Queen working undercover for Princess Celestia.Add the lead mare and stallion of Canterlots Smart Set and two griffins -- one a jealous supermodel, the other a Bridleway star with a secret -- and what could possibly go wrong?A sequel to Wolf in Ponys Clothing, taking place two to three months after the events of that story.