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Quest for Peace (Redemption of Trust Book 1) JW Lumpkin

Quest for Peace (Redemption of Trust Book 1)

JW Lumpkin

Kindle Edition
235 pages
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 About the Book 

This is the story of two travelers, Gilanon and Fellooth. They meet in a dark forest and immediately begin an epic journey together. They face ravenwolves, monster pirates, lizardtrolls, barbarians and harsh landscapes along the way. They meet an elf, a giant and a dwarf who help them on their Quest.On the continent of Yalis, Gilanon the ranger and Fellooth the Lightgiver face not only dangers but mysteries which thwart man’s knowledge of everything he knows or thinks that he knows.For in this tale, man’s truth is found to be a lie. And the actual truth is something that only goodness and mercy can defeat.But goodness and mercy are two swords, Tsil and Tsem, which have been given to the two heroes by Zendew the High-Elf. For there are dark forces at work— forces which push against QuiLew prophecy and have plans of their own.Gilanon begins this adventure with only his horse, Clora, and his skyglider, Tairagrim. He is plunged into a whirlwind of choices. Who can he trust? Most of the truth which he begins to understand comes from the tutelage of the gruff Lightgiver.As harrowing darkness constantly confronts the two men, they must see things for what they are— and not as they appear. And in the difficulty of doing this, Gilanon learns that trust is an epic venture to open the doors of fate.